Teacher Wellbeing

Relatable and easy to understand

Dr G is very personable and explains the wellbeing concepts in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Jaclyn Emmett
Baxter Primary School

Dr G is the bomb!

In just 30mins he was able to empower 15 peoples lives with his tried and tested strategies. We all left with a feeling of being valued, respected and appreciated. Most importantly we left feeling inspired and capable of boarding the happiness train. Such a genuine, open and humble guy. Thankyou so much Dr G.

Sue Warner
Specialist - LOTE & Performing Arts
Baxter Primary School
Workplace Wellbeing

I have already implemented small changes

Dr G presentation and guidance was a real eye opener and I have already implemented small changes. These small changes may not be noticeable now but putting into practice the habits will result in great outcomes later one.

Andrew Rahman
Office Manager
R J Sanderson

Great insights

Dr G helps gives an insight on little changes that we can make to our everyday lives to lighten the burden that we may feel. He breaks it down into small and simple steps and reminds you to look at the journey to achieving goals, instead of just the goals

Kat Duddridge
R J Sanderson

The message was spot on and the delivery outstanding!

The message is spot on and the delivery outstanding. I love the animation as well. Brilliant stuff!

Frank Catalano
Glen Waverley Primary School

Thank you Dr G

Thank you Dr G for all that you are doing with our school community.

Jeff Chen
Grade 3 Teacher
Glen Waverley Primary School

What an effective health challenge!

My child stopped having fruit juice after the first week!

Mother of Khalel

The teachers and kids were over the moon!

I just wanted to let you know that the kids absolutely loved the Journals! So much so that the classroom teachers were inundated with requests to take them home for the night after filling them in for their first sessions! Both the superhero name and colouring in of the front-page mandala went down very well as an intro, and the classroom teachers loved how the questions in the journal related to our RRRR curriculum.

As a teacher I found it very useful how the Atomic Wellbeing program covers a lot of the well being, health and literacy curriculum standards for my students. The resources provided are fun, well structured and thoroughly enjoyed by my students. The teachers and kids were over the moon!

I highly recommend the Atomic Wellbeing program to other schools.

Jarryd Voight
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Newbury Primary School

Thank you

“Thank you for teaching us about gratitude. Thank you for teaching us to be healthy. Thank you for helping me when I am sick”

Hirun (Year 3 student)