The Problem

Alarming statistics of primary school aged children

0 %
have the recommended amount of exercise
0 %
are overweight or obese
0 %
eat enough fruits and vegetables
0 %
show signs of mental health issues.

It is time to do something about the numbers on preventable diseases.

The Solution

Teach every single child the ‘skill’ of being HEALTHY, HAPPY and ENGAGED students who want to learn. Instilling these skills at a young age will set up children for a life free of preventable diseases.

The Outcomes

Improved academic performance

Increased focus in the classroom

Emotional regulation

Greater self-confidence and self esteem

Stronger relationships

Less conflicts

What we deliver

The Atomic Wellbeing Students program is based on our 3 pillars of wellbeing:

Only 2.5% of children aged 5-14 eat enough fruits and vegetables. Conversely, we know that the consumption of heavily processed or ultra-processed foods is high. Through a unique and engaging approach, the ‘Eat Real Food’ pillar encourages whole food intake and empowers children to make better informed decisions around processed food intake

Only 10% of children aged 5-14 engage in moderate to vigorous activity for 60 minutes a day and spend less than 2 hours a day on a screen. The ‘Move More, Less Screen’ pillar provides education on agility, strength, mobility and cardiovascular endurance with theĀ ultimate message of encouraging kids to ‘Get their 60!”

1 out of 7 primary school children aged 5-14 show signs of mental health issues. The ‘Do Happiness’ pillar teaches the skill of happiness as something that you actively do rather than something you may or may not feel. The happiness curriculum is taught as a combination of key happiness habits including gratitude, mindfulness, kindness, resilience, emotional regulation and emotional intelligence.

We believe that wellbeing is a skill, a verb,
an action and ultimately, something that you

This why each pillar involves DOING.

Eat Real Food


Do Happiness

3 Pillars of Wellbeing

We promise that the Atomic Wellbeing Students Program is

The Atomic Wellbeing Students Program offers

The content is engaging, innovative and linkedĀ to the Victorian and Australian curriculum.

Expect fun, engaging and exciting presentations that are designed for children by children masquerading as adults!