A message from Dr G

As a GP, I get the absolute privilege of looking after many educators. I am witnessing with my own eyes, a full spectrum of happiness and wellbeing often with educators barely surviving and many who are struggling and requiring time off from work. Our educators invest so much into our children and our community. It's time to invest in them in the same way that they invest in us!

I have designed a Happiness and Wellbeing program specifically for primary school educators called


The Foundation of Happiness

We all want to be happy but life gets in the way. We are too busy, time poor and overwhelmed. In this session, Dr G will cover how happiness habits, can be built systematically to fit into a busy and often unstructured life.

Filling the Bucket and sealing the hole in the bottom

We are all trying to fill our ‘happiness bucket’. We are desperately trying to fill the bucket and for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be working. In this session, Dr G will help you ensure that you are filling your bucket with the right things and perhaps more importantly, help you identify any ‘leaks’ in the bottom of your bucket. Often, it’s more effective to seal the hole in the bottom than fill your bucket!

Control vs influence and knowing the difference

All of us can relate to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious in the face of uncertainty. Often, this comes down to whether we truly understand the concept of what we can and can’t control. Often, the trouble starts when we think we can control something that we can merely influence at best. Dr G will teach the system that transformed his life and allowed him to combat this head on!

Implementing consistent happiness habits in worst case scenarios

It’s easy to do the things that cultivate happiness when things are going well. But what happens when things are not going well. A pandemic. Remote learning. Home schooling. Getting sick. Dr G will utilise the science of habit building to show you how to maintain the things that you make you happy even in ‘worst case scenarios’. This way, you will always do the things that make you happy regardless of what life throws at you!

Cultivating silence in a noisy world

The world has become very ‘noisy’. We also know that many of our minds jump from one thought to another, similar to a monkey jumping from branch to branch. This adds to the noise. And let’s not forget that social media and the news is making things even louder! Dr G will demonstrate how to cultivate silence as a precursor to living mindfully.