We want our primary school educators to become ‘Covid Proof’ – a state where their wellbeing and happiness thrives even in the face of immense uncertainty. 


Deliver engaging workshops that demonstrate how educators can systematically implement happiness and wellbeing as a skill in their busy lives. 


Prioritise happiness as a skill and action

Happiness is often defined as a positive emotional state characterised by feelings such as joy, contentment, peace and fulfilment. We believe that happiness is rather a skill, a verb, an action and ultimately, something that you DO. 

Commit to service of our educators

Our primary school educators literally invest their time, skills and energy into our children. It’s our duty to do the same for them because simply put, they deserve it! 

Facilitate the growth of our educators

By working closely with primary school educators, we will help to develop their minds and their bodies so that they can continue to grow and flourish.